Email and Your Job Search

While email has become the primary means of communication during the job application process, some situations require more formal correspondence. Email may not be appropriate when a company specifies that printed materials need to be mailed or electronically submitted via the organization’s website. Use discretion discussing job offers, salary, and benefits through email. A phone … Continue reading Email and Your Job Search


10 Questions to Know Yourself Better in the Job Search

The job and internship search process is more than just searching for job or internship openings. However, this is how most people get started. Before you begin your actual search, take time for self-exploration. This helps you to narrow your search more quickly and learn how to best market yourself to potential employers. Not taking … Continue reading 10 Questions to Know Yourself Better in the Job Search

Life After the Diploma: How Picky Should I Be?

"Before they can fire off those resumes to potential employers, everyone looking for their next professional opportunity is going to have to make some choices about how they are defining the scope of their job or internship search. For some, this can be a relatively easy task, while for others the answer to the “how picky should I be?” question will be more elusive. To help assuage the nerves of those jumping into their searches, we’re offering up our perspective on how to make these tough choices."

Thankful for JMU


With Thanksgiving less than a week away, The Daily Duke team reflected on just a few of the things about JMU that we are thankful for.


I’m thankful for people who bring their dogs to the quad. They think they’re just taking their dog on a walk, but really they’re providing puppy deprived students with a small and fluffy gift. – Carrie


I’m thankful for the education and experiences I’ve received at JMU for allowing me to grow not only as a student, but as a person. – Julia


I’m thankful that I can live in a place where the people are genuine, the views are gorgeous, and the food is always delicious. – Stephen


I am so thankful for all of the one-of-a-kind people JMU has brought to me that I know will continue to change my life forever. – Jenny


I’m thankful for the beautiful scenery JMU has…

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Internship Success Story with the NRCS

Are you a good photographer or videographer? Do you enjoy meeting new people and telling the stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things? The Natural Resources Conservation Service is looking for Dukes to fill their Public Affairs Intern position! NRCS's Dastina Wallace gave us the scoop on the internship experience.

JMU Serves: Dukes Who Make a Difference


JMU students are eager learners, and active participants in the community. With Thanksgiving coming up, it is important to recognize Dukes that give back to the Harrisonburg community. Many students embark in college experiences that are filled with more than just classes and schoolwork. We want to recognize the students who dedicate their time to something much bigger than themselves.

Isabel Nappa is a junior social work major. Every Wednesday Isabel volunteers at Skyline Literacy where she is actively helping the Harrisonburg community improve their English. Specifically, Isabel works with immigrants who are new to the area and need assistance learning to language, or passing their citizenship test.

What is the most rewarding part about volunteering with Skyline Literacy?

“I find it really rewarding to see the community progress and get better at English. I’ve formed solid relationships with the adults, and it is amazing to see them come back…

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Holding the Door: A JMU Tradition [Video]


Holding the door for the person behind you is known to be a tradition at JMU. What may seem like second nature to some, goes a long way for others. See how this small act of kindness positively impacts students’ lives on campus.

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