New Year, New Career Resolutions

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The midnight toasts have been made, the last of the holiday decorations have been put away and you’re back at work. Now what? For many, greeting a new year wouldn’t be complete without making resolutions. This year, in addition to your personal goals, resolve to be the best professional you can be.

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Alumni Feature | Chiedo John (’13) – WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?

Fall 2009 I started my first semester at JMU as a Computer Science student. And when I say, I got lucky, I got really lucky. I didn’t visit JMU’s campus beforehand or do much research. I just picked JMU for a handful of superficial reasons and got lucky because JMU turned out to be amazing and I ended up making Harrisonburg my home.

But back to the story about me as a student.

I was pretty average. I couldn’t really stay awake in class. Didn’t really care to read the books I was assigned. Good grades and the hopes for a diploma, Deans list, and all of the above just didn’t motivate me. My master plan for university was to create some million dollar idea by the time I was a sophomore and then drop out.

Halfway through my time at JMU, I found myself with no million dollar idea…

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Transferable Skills: Abilities You Can Plug-and-Play

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Having a highly specialized set of skills can certainly be beneficial if you are looking for a very specific kind of job, such as a perfume designer, dog food taster or pearl diver. Although these are all real jobs, there’s not much you can do with these particular talents if you decide it’s time to try another line of work.   

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What is resilience and how can you be more resilient

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P&G came on campus recently to talk about resilience as part of our #SkillsforSuccess series of workshops. Careers Consultant Steve Norman passes on their key messages.  

You may be noticing more and more employers talking about resilience and how it’s important in today’s ever-changing workplace.

So what is resilience?  It is the ability to cope with setbacks and bounce back from them.  For P&G that’s important in a work context but it can be applied to any situation.

Here are P&G’s six top tips for being resilient.                

Find your purpose. What is that you want to do? You are more likely to bounce back from setbacks if you are doing something you really want to do.

Choose your attitude towards any challenges – you can decide how to respond or how you feel about it positively or negatively.

Focus on what you can control about the situation. Break things into…

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The Secret to Behavioral Interview Questions: What’s Your Story? — UMUC Career Services Connection

It is common for recruiters to ask behavioral interview questions during a job interview. These are questions that uncover more about your skills, abilities, and personality by focusing on how you handled various work situations in the past. Employers ask these questions, because the idea is that past behavior may be an indicator of how […] … Continue reading The Secret to Behavioral Interview Questions: What’s Your Story? — UMUC Career Services Connection

Alumni Feature| Jana Jamail (’10) – GETTING OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY

Five years after graduation, I found myself in a pivotal moment. One morning I
was looking at myself in the mirror after experiencing ageism, sexism, bullying,
and harassment from an inexperienced boss. I had to make a decision – stay or go?
I made the very difficult decision to walk away from a job I had thrown my entire
self into. I had started as an intern and worked my way up to COO. However, I knew that if I allowed that level of disrespect from someone who wasn’t worthy to have an
opinion of me, then how could I respect myself?

I had an opportunity laid before me that I hadn’t had in a long time. I could
choose what I wanted to do. But, isn’t that the most troubling question adults
face – what do I want to do? I’m lucky enough to say that I actually discovered

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You’ve Got an Interview — Now What? — UMUC Career Services Connection

Congratulations! You scored an interview. But the excitement of the opportunity may fade as you realize you need to prepare to make the best impression possible. Here are five steps to help you get ready for a big interview: via You’ve Got an Interview — Now What? — UMUC Career Services Connection