Get to that Career Fair!

Career fairs are a fabulous way to chat with employers and make contacts.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!  Take the risk and go see what’s out there in the job market.  Go to the different tables and strike up a conversation with an employer, even if it’s not in your direct line of work.  Just because you’re not a business major doesn’t mean companies don’t have departments with almost every field of interest.  You never know — that one conversation could lead to a potential interview.

JMU’s career fair is this Monday, October 4th from 12-4pm in the Festival Ballroom and Highlands room.  There will be over 100 employers in attendence, so it has an opportunity for every student!  Students are urged to dress professionally.  No jeans!  Bring a few copies of your resume to show it off.  This is not the time to be modest people, remember– you want a job!

Career fairs are not just in universities.  There are thousands of fairs all over the country happening all time.  For information on career fairs happening in your area, look to  So get out there, dress up, and take the day to do something positive about your future!


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