Link Yourself In

You have a Facebook.  You’ve played around with Twitter.  You may have some Flickr photos out there, but are any of these professional enough to show an employer?  If you’re like most college students, you’ve hastily made yourself unsearchable on Facebook and blocked your pictures in a frantic attempt to hide the side of college life employers wouldn’t quite approve of.

Well it is possible to use a social media tool with those serious adults and professionals looking to hire you!
Let’s look at LinkedIn.  With over 75 million users, its not as dominating as Facebook or Twitter, but can be used by those desiring to find jobs or even climb up the ladder in their field.  It’s simple and free to use, unless you want some fancy features.
Think of it as an online resume; users create a profile with their past education and experiences.  Instead of Facebook’s “friends”, you have “connections”.  They are past employers, friends, co-workers, and anyone in your direct circle.  It’s smart to have lots of content in your profile, and to keep it as open as possible.  Unlike Facebook, we want people to find us!
LinkedIn is a breath of fresh air for social marketing we are willing to share.  Seem confusing?  What is LinkedIn? explains exactly what it is, as simple as a cartoon.  Not convinced? Why Join? shows us that corporate professionals are using this tool daily.  So join the bandwagon, and get LinkedIn.  It can open opportunities as well as creates a web of people in your professional sphere. 

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