LinkedIn Launches Career Explorer, A Tool for Students to Find Employment

 As I was reading various newspapers today, I found another verfication for my previous post.  LinkedIn is everywhere, and companies are now turning to the site to hire you.

The new part of LinkedIn, Career Explorer, was just announced October 4th.  The new program will first be sent out to 60 different universities as a testing program.  Assuming it will take flight, it will then be available to the rest of the LinkedIn population in coming months.

The new program will have search options for college students seeking jobs, based on their school, level of education, and personal industry.  It will contain information from relevant jobs, salary ranges, and the right people to network.  It also provides insight to facts, statistics, and industry trends about professions and companies.

PricewaterhouseCoopers, one of the ‘big four’ accounting firms is paying millions to sponsor the program.  Like many accounting firms and companies, they hire thousands of college students per year from different campuses across the country.  This is the first time LinkedIn has worked with a corporate sponsor, and hopes to do it more in the future for further innovation.

My suggestion would be to look out in the coming months for Career Explorer.  It looks like an extremely valuable tool for college students, and contains a ton of information regarding jobs and markets.  I belive it will further LinkedIn’s credibility, and expand the site to reach a younger audience.

So keep an eye out!  And until next time…


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