Denise Says…Mock Interviews Are a Must

This week’s posts features advice from Career and Academic Planning’s own Denise Meadows, the assistant Director of Employer Relations and Recruiting Services.

Her focus is on building relationships between employers and expanding new ones.  She likes to maintain a close relationship with students, and is highly involves with the many services and programs offered through Recruiting Services.

One program Denise would like to highlight is the Mock Interview program.  Students can practice their interviewing skills with REAL employers, who offer them feedback on how to improve.  It is best to dress professionally and bring a copy of your resume to discuss.  Denise adds that mock interviews get students ready for that real life experience, and are an area that can be worked on in any point of one’s life.

So get out those jitters now!  Sign up for a mock interview on Recruit-A-Duke
Upcoming interviews are with companies such as ARAMARK and the CIA.  On-campus interviewing is a great tool that is convenient and a good way to start searching for good companies.

Click here for more information on general interviewing techniques and tips.
Denise will also be featured next week, with more tips on landing your dream job.  

Thanks for reading 🙂


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