Tidy Up Your Resume at Resume Roadshows

An essential part of finding the job you want is being able to present yourself in a nutshell.  In essence, the resume is that nutshell; it is a one page summary that shows the company your capabilities and who you are.
Resume writing can be difficult, especially for college grads without a ton of experience.  Formatting and keeping it to one page shows an employer you can concisely organize your writing. 

Career and Academic Planning Suggests 3 different types of resume formats.  All are workable to use.  You should chose a resume format based on the job you are seeking.

1. Chronlogical Resume Format- This emphasizes work and experiences with focuses on dates.  This is an easy read to employers and highlights your career growth.

2.  Functional Resume Format– Organizes information under headings of accomplishments or strengths.  Examples of headings are Writing and Editing Experience, Leadership Experience, etc.  This type works well when you want to describe transferable skills, and are looking into a field different than your own.  

3.  Combination Resume Format- This uses aspects of both the chronlogical and functional formats.  It shows off work history and skills and accomplishments.  It makes it easy to highlights experience as well as transferable skills. 

A great program to help you with different formats are JMU’s Resume Roadshows. These roadshows offer feedback to your resume draft, and are offered around campus for the entire semester.  Upcoming Resume Roadshows are:

  • October 21st- 1-3 p.m. in Harrison Hall 1131
  • October 27th- 3-5 p.m. in ISAT 259

Attending one of the roadshows will help you get on the right path to that perfect resume.  With recruiting season coming up, you want to be proud of you in that “nutshell.”

More on Resume writing:


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