Want to Get That Edge? Get the Wall Street Journal

I know what you’re thinking.  The Wall Street Journal? BORING!

While we like to believe we have tons of time until we become those boring businesspeople reading these types of newspapers, the reality is we do not.  Subscribing to the Wall Street Journal now can enrich your professional side, and give you key information into the business world.

Reading about companies, international news, and stocks gives you an edge by educating you.  Just imagine being able to participate in those adult conversations about the merging of firms.  Exciting right?  Knowing information shows an interviewer you are aware of what is going on around you.  It is also important to know the financial news of a company, especially when they can be your future employer.

The Wall Street Journal is offering educational rates at 75% off the regular price.  Two- year subscriptions to WSJ.com, the print version, and the mobile reader is available for $179.  Seems like a lot, but it is still 75% off!  The WSJ also offers iPad and iPhone apps for on-the-go access.

The apps make the information right at your fingertips. Look how easy it looks in the video.

Start reading!  Check back in a day or two for more tips to help your professional life.


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