Stick to DC- A Promising Region for Job Hunting

Part of looking for the right job is knowing where you want to be.  While many return to the places they grew up, others look to cities full of jobs and the young urban professional lifestyle.

In our current economic, cities who seem to be at the center for prosperity, including New York, are not offering the opportunities they have in the past.  An important part of being marketable is being flexible on location.  New cities might be scary, but college graduates are at the prime age for travel and new changes.

A recent Business Week study showed the south as a prime region for recent college graduates, including Washington, DC.  Due to the high cost of living in cities such as Boston and New York, cities like DC and Houston, TX are more practical for those with entry- level jobs.

This is great news for JMU students, who have many DC employers seek on-campus interviews for possible job opportunties.  Due to our geographic location, many people originally outside the DC area  have access to an area less affected by the economic drowns.

So why DC?  The expansion of the Federal Government has increased employment opportunities.  The government provides security and benefits, unlike many the rocky businesses of today.

LEARN!  Career and Academic Planning is hosting a Student Webinar with information on Federal Jobs.  Students must reply on Recruit-A-Duke to attend.  The event will show students how to apply, and the benefits of going governmental.

Student Webinar- Federal Jobs
Tuesday, October 26th 4:30-6:00 pm
Festival Conference Room 3

Another great tool is DCJobs, which provides a comprehensive search to everything in DC.

Happy Job Searching !


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