"They Didn’t Teach That in School!" No Longer an Excuse

Being thrust into “the real world” comes along with some scary tasks we are going to need to do ourselves.  Not only will be full-time, but students graduating often have a hard time adjusting to taking care of personal finances.

College does grant students with a piece of an independent lifestyle, but there are still those things we often let our parents deal with : tax forms, rent checks, insurance etc.

We often say give the excuse our courses don’t prepare us for these real-life tasks.  However, you are in luck.  JMU is now offering a new course this spring to help students learn about smart ways to handle your money.

Dollars and Sense– IS 275
Mondays- 3-5:30
Burruss Hall Room 139

The course is 3 credits, and focuses on the basics of handling an adult life.  It is not a high level economics course, and is suggested for all majors.  The topics covered will include budgeting, money and relationships, insurance, saving, debt, house shopping, and other real life applications.

Instruction comes from Brad Barnett, an Accredited Financial Counselor and JMU’s Associate Director of Financial Aid & Scholarships.  He will share his vast knowledge and expertise throughout the semester.

If your schedule permits, this class is a great leg-up to get ready for “the real world.”  Don’t forgot Spring registration beings Monday, November 1st!


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