As Finals Come Near, Stay Drug Free

With the end of the semester approaching, and the cold/lazy weather getting worse, students often lack the energy is takes to knock out those important final exams.

In a desperate effort to focus, many students turn to the drug Adderall.  Used to treat adults and children with ADD/ADHD, the drug is popular throughout college campuses as way to pull off all-nighters and study hard.  This is quite a more extreme measure that knocking back a couple of espresso shots.

It is estimated that 10-15% of college students are using Adderall in order to increase their attention in their studies.  However, since our generation tends to look at the “here and now” situation and not long-term, there are many risks involved that students are not aware of.

No drug should be taken without a prescription (Duh!)  Adderall side effects include increased heart beating, fainting, weight loss, and insomnia.  Not so fun, right?  The drug also does carry a large dependency factor, and many students start to feel they cannot study without it.

There are even extreme cases where the drug can lead to psychosis and suicide.  The May suicide of Vanderbilt student Kyle Craig shows that even those at the top of their class can fall victim to the drug’s effects.

The program is growing; perscriptions of the drugs can also be bought and sold around campuses.  This video shows the distribution and effects of the drug on campuses.

In the upcoming weeks, it is important to stay clear of these potentially dangerous drugs.  Speak up if you see a friend who can potentially be addicted to the pills.  Eating healthy, getting enough rest, and exercising moderately are steps to making sure you have enough energy for exam week.  Stay natural, and go to the nearest Starbucks if you need a boost.  


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