Top Companies Revealed, Who to Work For

Fortune magazine names the best companies to work for every year.  While we don’t want to limit ourselves to only certain employers, it is critical to note where people are satisfied with their workplace.  When looking for a job, it is important to look into a company’s values and reputation to see if it is best fit.

The 2010 lists has some obvious trusted companies, such as #4 Google, #24 Goldman Sachs, and #93 Starbucks.  A lot of these companies range from the highest investment firms to the fun Build-A-Bear Workshop, which ranks at #80.

An interesting and key trend to look at within in the list is the growing number of online companies.  Google, the obvious leader, makes it money doing practically everything on the internet.  However, they did begin as simply a search engine and morphed into the powerhouse of the entire web., an online retailer, has now become one of the top leaders in the online shopping sector.  The company is now a subsidiary of, one of the first in this industry.

With companies headed online, it would be smart to put energies into working for a company that is going to last.  More sites like Zappos and Amazon will arise, and it will be those workers that may be able to avoid layoffs and bankruptcy against industries that are slowly dying.

Now that you know the best, Apply!  These 22 top companies have over 500 available positions.  Look for some in your area and field of expertise.  Good luck searching!


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