Talk Turkey Over Turkey: How to Job Search this Thanksgiving Break

Many students return home for the Fall holidays and cannot wait for a full week of relaxation, turkey, stuffing, and don’t forget football.  We put off homework, and usually keep the break to a hiatus from the fact that finals are coming up soon.

However, the Thanksgiving season can be a great opportunity for some job searching.  There is little stress, no classes, and the available for networks closer to home.

Jean Baur, a blogger, sees the advantage to a holiday job search.  She highlights a few important tips on how to help yourself.

  • Network- Holidays can make people more open to discuss careers
  • Be Visible– Have an Aunt or Uncle employed by a good company?  Let them know you’re interested while scooping some mashed potatoes. 
  • Be Proactive-Go to your parents boring work parties or talk to company when they come to your house.  You never know, they might like you enough to give you a job.
  • Volunteer- Do something for someone else during the season.  This can add to your resume and your contacts
  • Follow Up with Contacts– Send emails and stay in contacts with past interviewers or companies you are interested in.  This shows dedication to the company.  

 In addition to these tips, take the time to do something productive when you are surfing the web at home.  Farhad Manjoo of Slate Magazine stresses the important shift from job sites like, to Facebook.  Social networking is the future; jobs, friends, and networks are easily found in the social sphere.

It’s important to use this time wisely.  Jobs may open up as the new year approaches.  Happy Thanksgiving, and try not to overdose on turkey!


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