What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger

People recognize that the interview process can be uncomfortable for many.  With every job interview comes an uneasy feeling of uncertainty.  Did they like me?  Was that a good answer?

If we fail to nail a job after the interview, there is almost no way to know what exactly it is you did wrong throughout the process.  Unlike our professors, who often take the time to butcher our papers for improvements, interviewers do not provide feedback to the candidate.

Wall Street Journal blogger Emily Noonan suggests inviting in criticism as a new approach.  Sometimes if we can justify or admit or faults, employers can see us a real people.  It can also help explain a negative aspect of a resume, like a certain GPA or short duration of a job or internship. 

Fortunately, Career and Academic Planning is offering more mock interviews next semester.  Mock interviews are a great way to practice interviewing, and they also offer crucial feedback before you go on a real life interview.  Pay attention for registration this coming Spring 2011 semester!


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