On the Last Leg: How to Get Through the Next Three Weeks

For most of us, we dread the return to school after Thanksgiving break.  After way too much turkey and laziness, it can be very difficult to stay focused on studies, when we are all itching for the holidays.

These three weeks, however, are crunch time in terms of importance.  Finals are approaching, as well as last minute projects, tests, and papers to finish out the semester.  Before you freak out, here are some tips on how to stay focused and healthy during the final stretch.

Kerry Ann Rockquemore, a blogger for Inside Higher Ed, offered tips on how faculty can stay stress free during crunch time.  Although the article is for professors, I think the advice is suitable for students.  Here is a summary of how she plans to work through the next three weeks, with my college student spin on the advice.  

  • Plan Ahead- Get out the planners and make a study schedule 
  • Try the Reward System- Don’t get a Starbucks treat before you finish that last page! 
  • Find a crunch time buddy- Library is always better with a friend.  Even try to get a study room.  
  • Get comfortable with end-of-semester conflicts- Deadlines will overlap, so making a schedule will help 
  • Move Your Butt–  Exercise relieves stress; hit up the gym after you study to get out frustration 
  • No Sunday Funday– Use Sundays to plan and catch up on work, it will make the rest of the week easier
  • Keep the End in Mind– It will all be over soon!  Think of how happy your parents will be with a high GPA, especially right before they holiday shop.

It is important to not forget about how important the next three weeks are in the semester.  Last minute work can make all the difference in how you perform in the class.  Keep finals in mind, and look out soon for more study tips as it gets closer to the end!


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