Spice Up Your Resume This Season

 The holiday season leaves us with plenty of time to relax with family and friends and stay indoor to avoid the blustery weather.  Before you spend too much time cuddled by the fireplace, take this time to jump start your job search.

With little to virtually no school work, this is an opportune moment for students to fix their resume and look into new contacts for the new year.

Miranda Gale, a student blogger for USA Today posted similar advice for college students look for prospective jobs in the market.  She highlighted these 5 ideas on how to best use your off time wisely.

1.  Get the Internship– She suggests making a list of your dream job and companies to work for.  Next, attempt and interview with an employer or find out more information. 

2.  Learn a New Skill– Instead of surfing Facebook, she suggests battling through software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, or even just reading a new book in the field of your interest.

3.  Volunteer–  This is not the first article to suggest volunteering; It is a resume builder and a great way to make new contacts.

4.  Fix Your Resume-  Make it perfect.  Add classes you have just completed or things that you accomplished during the fall.  Make sure it all ties back to your personal brand.

5.  Network–  Attend a conference of a company near your house, talk to relatives and family friend.  You never know who is feeling generous around the holiday season. 

Just doing a few of these steps will help you do something productive over break.  After all, May is approaching and you want to have as many opportunities to get into the real world.

This video by the Wooden Group, a human resources group, also makes these similar claims in this news interview.  As you watch, check out their key points:

  • Resume- Keep it updated with key words you want to be you
  • Networking- People you want to contact within the next year
  • Use of the Internet
  • Volunteer



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