Planning On Staying Married? Not With These Jobs!

We all know that the career path in which we chose will shape our future quality of the life.  Professions can affect a person’s social status, income, family, location, and more.  But there is one long term affect we may forget: marriage.  It is quite obvious that some jobs can put a high strain on your love life.  After all, jobs with odd hours and high stress levels can cause relationships to deteriorate.

In the world of a 50% divorce rate, it is beneficial to try to avoid this costly and heartbreaking fate which half of our public endures.  Career Overview published a recent blog post that listed the 10 Careers With Incredibly High Divorce Rates.  While some occupations seem a bit strange, for example Fish and Game wardens, they are worth noting.  Other obvious careers included bartenders, dancers, and massage therapists.

One consistency throughout the list was the non-traditional work schedule, for example working nights, and the lack of higher education in the career.  Most of the jobs do not require a college degree.  While we should not stereotype these jobs as being less desirable, there could be a link between the life path chosen and the affect on a relationship. 

On the flip side, a Washington Post article found dancers and massage therapists with the highest divorce rates.  The lower end of the divorce rates included three different kind of engineers, a career that require a high level of intellect and schooling. 

Does this mean only marry the bookworms?  Not necessarily, as each individual case clearly can bear different circumstance.  But with the way society works, keeping to one marriage can be a difficult thing to manage.  Good luck with love!


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