Learn About Recruit-A-Duke: JMU’s Own Job Search Site

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What Is Recruit-A-Duke?

Recruit-A-Duke is James Madison University’s online On-Campus Recruiting and job posting system for JMU students and alumni. Through Recruit-A-Duke, you are able to participate in the Recruiting Services program.  This means that employers sign-up to come to campus to interview JMU students for open positions they have.  They post their positions on Recruit-A-Duke and you, as a JMU student, can log-in to the system and apply for these jobs!  Once you have applied for these positions by uploading your resume on the system and applying for the ones that interest you, you will be notified if you are selected to interview with the employer.  If you are selected for an interview, you can sign-up through Recruit-A-Duke.  After you sign-up for an interview, come to the Sonner Hall Interview Center (on the lower level) to participate in your interview at your scheduled date and time. 
The first step to participate in this program is to watch the online Recruit-A-Duke tutorial and take the short quiz at the end.  Please allow 24 business hours after you complete the tutorial for your account to be updated.  Once you have received your confirmation email, you will have access to On-Campus Recruiting, including the following:
  • Access to over 500 job postings just for JMU students! (these include both on-campus recruiting (ocr) positions and non-ocr positions)
  • View the companies scheduled to recruit at JMU.
  • Submit a resume online to employers to be considered for internships and full-time positions.
  • Select and confirm interview times with companies who have selected you.
  • Participate in a Mock Interview to practice your interviewing skills.
  • Research companies attending the Spring Career, Internship and Service Fair
    • To view companies attending a Career Fair, log into Recruit-A-Duke and click on the “Fairs, Info Sessions, Workshops” tab at the top of the page. From there click on the Career Fair you are interested in to view a list of the employers, their positions and the majors they are recruiting. You can also do an advanced search by clicking the “Advanced Search” tab to see which are specifically looking for your major.
  • View and RSVP for upcoming Information Sessions held by employers on-campus and workshops hosted by Career & Academic Planning.
  • With an updated resume on the system, employers will be able to view your resume through the Resume Book Program (which you can choose to opt in or out of) and contact you if they have a position that would be a good fit for you.
  • Sign up to receive targeted emails with job listings that meet your criteria through the Job Search Agent.

*Important Note*If you forget your password and click the “Need A Password?” link on the Recruit-A-Duke log-in page, be sure to check your JMU email account Junk Mail folder for your new password, as with any type of emails, sometimes they accidentally end up in this folder.
Any Questions About Recruit-A-Duke?
Email us at recruitaduke@jmu.edu.

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