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Is LinkedIn an appropriate tool for YOU, as a college student?  YES!
Develop your Professional Presence Online, Not Just Your Resume on Job Sites!
Did You Know? LinkedIn Ranks High in Search Engine Results and is Publicly Viewable, So Employers Can Find You!
What You Can Do To Brand Yourself Using LinkedIn:

1.     Google Your Name.  How High Do You Rank? – LinkedIn provides a place where you can list three clickable Web sites.  Use these three opportunities to link to other social media sites that help you put your best face forward.
2.     Blog Your Career-Related Experience and link it to LinkedIn. Blog about class assignments, what you are learning, industry, trends, etc.
3.     Create a profile on and Digg articles that you feel are relevant to your profession and link your and Digg and LinkedIn profiles.
4.     Shelve your books at; create a profile there and list the books that you have read that you feel are important to your profession. Link your LibraryThing and LinkedIn profiles.
5.     Star in your own professional YouTube video. Have a friend videotape you as you demo a task you know and do well—demonstrate your knowledge and speaking skills.
6.     A picture is worth a 1,000 (resume) words, LinkedIn allows you to post a professional, work-related photo. Feel free to use Flickr for other photo management opportunities and link to your LinkedIn profile.
7.     Making your portfolio portable…online. Some industries require a portfolio of work, i.e. art, design, education—create an online portfolio and link it to your LinkedIn profile. Let your work be your calling card.
8.     Be a newsmaker. Let your local university newspaper know what you or your fellow classmates are working on academically and in the community. Use LinkedIn to promote yourself and your mission.
9.     Become a published author. Write an article for your school paper, Journal of Student Research, hometown newspaper, industry trade journal, etc. If you get a byline, link to it on LinkedIn. If it’s not online, you can publish it on your Blog or Online Portfolio.
10.  Become a JMU Expert– join the alumni group, ask questions to the JMU network and promote your blog and online portfolio with other JMU contacts. They could be more willing to help you in your networking and the building of your brand.
11.  Answer Questions From Your Network– on LinkedIn, people can ask their network questions and by answering these questions, you can develop a reputation for sharing your knowledge and opinions about popular work-related trends and issues.

For More Information: Visit LinkedIn For College Students Online

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