Live Like a New Yorker This Summer

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Need Housing in New York City This Summer?

Educational Housing Services is a Not-for-profit organization that provides safe, convenient, fully furnished housing to students, grad students and interns coming to New York City.  EHS can also provide housing the summer after you graduate from your program.  So if you are contemplating living in New York but don’t want to make a year long commitment, this could be your solution.

All of the buildings managed by EHS provide the following:
       24/7 Security staff
       24/7 Residence staff
       Fully furnished rooms with heat/AC
       Free  high-speed internet access
       Free cable access and a color television
       All utilities included
***Computer centers, laundry facilities, kitchens and lounges are also onsite.

To find out more about EHS and the properties that are available this summer, please visit:   
You may also call: 1-800- 297- 4694           


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