Featuring: JMU Student Ambassadors for Disney & Target

One way employers connect with students at universities is through student ambassadors. These students serve as campus representatives for large companies to recruit new employees through presentations and networking with students on campus. Generally they have already interned with the company and hope to work for the company full-time after graduation. At JMU, Christine Dang, representing Target and Monica Blackwell, representing Disney are two successful participants in these programs. Here is a little insight into what they do and why they do it.

Christine Dang- Target 

What are the benefits of being a Student Ambassador For Target?
The benefits of being a student ambassador for Target are to gain more experience working with different actors within the company and of course to source candidates for Target at the student level. As a student myself, it is sometimes easier for other students to approach me knowing that I’m one of their own going through the same job search.

Who do you target in your sessions?
Target is looking for candidates in all fields and majors.

What are your expectations as an ambassador?
My expectations are to follow up with candidates, attend career events, do presentations with different organizations as well as give status updates to my field campus recruiter and intern captain in the Northern Virginia district.

How will this help further your career with the company?
This helps me with my future career because I get to build a strong network with people in different positions within the company.

What will you be doing post graduation?
Post graduation, I will be working as an Executive Team Leader (ETL) in the NOVA district.

Monica Blackwell- Disney

Little about me: Originally, from Stuart, VA, I obtained my undergraduate degree from the University of Georgia. I am a graduate student in the Adult Education/Human Resource Development Program with a concentration in Instructional Design. For my Disney Experiences, I completed two professional internships with the Disney Learning Centers and the Disney Youth Education Series. I am currently a Disney Campus Representative.

What are the benefits of being a Student Ambassador For Disney? Who do you target in your sessions?
While being a campus representative for Disney, you are able to meet and get to know students from all across campus. I have met people from different majors as well as international students! From a Disney standpoint, being a campus representative allows me to continue networking with Disney leaders and recruiters. It also allows me to continue to reap some of the benefits of being a cast member at Disney.

What are the expectations of you?
It is expected that as a campus representative that I represent the Disney College Program in a positive light by my marketing tools and personal actions. Each semester Natalie (another campus representative) and I promote the program to students of all majors. We post flyers, hold info tables, and hang banners to help communicate information about the Disney experiences to all students. Natalie and I also work closely with a Disney recruiter in order to improve our program.

How will this help futher your career with the company?
I hope to one day return to Disney to work as an Instructional Designer for their training programs. This experience has allowed me to continue my relationships further than my two internship experiences.

What will you be doing post graduation?
After graduation, I will be getting married and moving further south to pursue a career in Instructional Design.


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