Tips for landing a job using social media!

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is constantly connected using social media, but many fail to realize how useful sites like Twitter and Facebook can be. In an interview with Amy Laskowski, Joshua Waldman talks about how social media helped him land a job and provides insight to how it can help YOU!

Some of Waldman’s tips include:

  • Market yourself online in the way you want to be seen
  • Make web-friendly résumés using video and LinkedIn
  • Use social media sites as a way to get your foot in the door-don’t just rely on them solely
  • Make sure your “Google resume” is appropriate since most employers will conduct a quick Google search about you
  • Update your resume constantly
  • Use professional tools, like Linkedin, to connect with employers
  • Try to have as many recommendations as possible on Linkedin that reflect your skills and abilities or past experiences-he recommends about 10 for a graduating senior

In many industries, networking is key! It is important to exercise all your resources and options!

For more information, check out:


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