How Much Time Should You Spend Job Searching?

As spring semester continues, classes are not the only thing on students’ minds. Many seniors are beginning job searches and other students are looking for summer internships.
Focus on the quality of your experiences over the quantity. You should be spending three hours a day—at most—on surfing career sites and applying for positions recommends Liz Seasholtz in an article from
Here are a few tips to maximize your job or internship search experience.
  • Volunteer. Even if it’s only once a week, it is a great way to gain experience and network.
  • Seek out and join professional organizations. JMU has a variety of organizations for students to get involved with like PRSSA, Society of Professional Journalists, and many business fraternities.
  • Take on freelance projects. Though they may not bring in money, they can be great resume boosts.
Another tip is to put your best self forward. Always have an updated resume available and a link to or print version of your portfolio with a few sample pieces and clean up your social media sites!
Original article by Liz Seasholtz

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