Correctly Identifying Strengths & Weaknesses in an Interview

Regardless of what position you’re interviewing for, it seems like employers are always asking “What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?” According to, that question really means:

“Prove to me that you’d bring value to this organization, and show me you’re aware of and can learn from your mistakes.”  

According to the article, there are a few ways in which you can answer these questions to show off your best self and answer them with ease.

When highlighting your strengths…

  • Start by looking at the job description and make a list of personal strengths that support that description.
  • Consider other strengths that may compliment that job and list those accordingly.
  • Think of an anecdote for each strength listed.
  • Choose helpful strengths for the position and if you can present an example how those strengths benefited you, be sure to include that.
When mentioning your weaknesses…
  • Show that you have learned and recovered from past mistakes.
  • Keep things work-related and don’t over share information.
  • “Make your interviewer your ally.” If they’re interviewing you for a position they’ve held before, they will better appreciate a “graceful” handling of a similar situation.
  • Share how the lessons you have learned relate to that position.
Make sure that you research the company and position beforehand and that your answers are related to that particular position. Practice the night before so you are prepared and can anticipate these sorts of questions.
For more information and to view the original article, visit:
Original article from by the Editors.

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