On Campus Recruiting: The Scoop

Did you know that at JMU you do not even have to step foot off the campus in order to interview with employers?
That’s right! JMU students are so elite that employers actually travel to Harrisonburg seeking to hire Dukes. So how do you get in on this On Campus Recruiting action? Just follow these simple steps and you will be on your way!


1. Take the Recruit-A-Duke tutorial. It is fairly short and is vital in knowing how to navigate the website, as well as all of the features it has for you to use. Not a big enough incentive? Without completing this step, you will be unable to access the OCR benefits.

2. Log on to Recruit-A-Duke. Click on Job Opportunities, then On Campus Recruiting and Job Postings for JMU Students. You will then see a bunch of job listings. Browse and see if there are any positions you might be interested in and are eligible to apply for. If you find one you like, submit your resume (for some great resume tips, see the CAP website). From this point, employers will select students who they would like to interview. If you are contacted by an employer, you will be able to sign up for interview time slots on Recruit-A-Duke.
3. Score the interview? Great! Now you need to prepare yourself for it. You can find specific instructions on how to get ready for your OCR interview, as well as tips about interview etiquette and terms you should know on the Student OCR portion of the CAP website.
Note: If you are not contacted for an interview, don’t get discouraged! There are plenty of opportunities available on Recruit-A-Duke, so keep checking back! Use this time to take another look at your resume and work on your interviewing skills. Sign up for a mock interview on Recruit-A-Duke or use our new practice tool, InterviewStream from the comfort of your room!

Fall recruiting season ends on November 9th, so get your resume together and hop on Recruit-A-Duke today!

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