You, the Interviewer

Generally, when you go in to interview for a job position, your goal is to impress. You wake up early, get dressed up in your most professional business attire, arrive well before your time slot with your freshly reviewed resume in hand, and put on your flashiest “I’m your guy” smile. You might be a bit nervous, but that’s good- some anxiety will do you well. You’re probably thinking something along the lines of  “I hope they like me”.

Perhaps we turn the tables. Suppose instead, you do all of these things in preparation, but walk into your interview thinking “I hope I like them”. Now the whole mood has changed. You are the top dog, and you want to find the best possible job to suit your personality and working style. Think about it; for one, this job’s a great opportunity, but not the only opportunity in the world. Also, the company has a need just like you, otherwise they wouldn’t be hiring, let alone interviewing you. This interview is not just about you and your answers to their questions. You need to interview them too.

So how does one go about interviewing a company? Incorporate two types of questions: first, the fit between the job demands and your skills, and second, the company culture. Consider these examples:

Job Questions:

  • What is the position?
  • What are the job duties?
  • Who is the ideal candidate for the job?
  • What skills are most important to success in this position?
  • What would I be doing on a day-to-day basis?
  • Who will I report to? What is that person like?
  • What resources will I have to do this job?

Company Questions:

  • How does it feel to work here?
  • What is the turnover like here?
  • What reasons have people given for leaving? What are the people generally like who leave?
  • How is conflict handled?

Not only does interviewing the employer help you to decide if you would like to “hire” the company, but it also shows that you are intelligent, self-confident, and sure of what you are looking for!

Original article from by Dana C. Ackley, Ph.D.
*See full article at

By: Kelly Gooch


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