Get Rid of Interview Spooks with InteriewStream

Do you get nervous about interviews? Do you feel like you need more preparation? Need more time to think about your responses?
There is no need to be scaredJMU Career and Academic Planning has exactly what you need!

JMU is proud to introduce a brand new way for students to practice interviews online:

Because Halloween is right around the corner…why not get in the spirit of things and check out Scary Interview by InterviewStream! Simply head over to Trust us… there’s nothing to be scared about when it comes to interviewing!
InterviewStream is now available to all JMU students, regardless of major or anticipated graduation date! Use this preparation to increase your confidence for upcoming job & internship interviews. 
With InterviewStream, you can:
  •   Conduct practice interviews online with your webcam* (where you can choose to be interviewed with frequently asked questions in interviews or create your own question set)
  •  Filter down interview questions that cater to your specific major/focus/interest
  •  Review your performance or send the link to someone else for feedback 
  •  Watch videos with expert tips on how to answer some of the toughest interview questions
*You must have a webcam to do an interview on InterviewStream. If you don’t have a webcam, you can schedule an interview using a computer and webcam in Sonner Hall.
All JMU students are encouraged to take advantage of this new program!
For more information on InterviewStream, visit To start using InterviewStream, login through Recruit-A-Duke at You will see the InterviewStream logo in your sidebar.

By: Melissa Peale

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