Here’s To You, Class of 2013

A farewell note from Career and Academic Planning

Graduates of the Class of 2013,

You may not want to believe it, but the time has finally come. If it doesn’t seem real yet, trust me, it will once you begin to see those fold-up chairs being lined up on the Quad. Graduation is bittersweet for anyone who has attended JMU. You’ve spent so many hours in the library, writing papers, studying for tests and completing projects, and you’re overjoyed to be done with that. But the people you’ve met, the memories you’ve made, and (most importantly) the incredible food you’ve eaten will be missed.

As you graduate, you’ll take the first step of your new journey into the “real world”. This might seem scary, but you can be absolutely certain that your time at James Madison has thoroughly prepared you to be successful in your future. This is important to remember. Be confident that you have the skills and experience to thrive in the working world- you have what it takes, you are an all-star!

Whether you already have a job lined up after you graduate, or are still in search of the perfect career, remember that Career and Academic Planning is still here to support you throughout your life as an alum. Those resources that have been so helpful to you throughout your undergraduate career will ALL remain available to you for the next six months. This includes Recruit-A-Duke, Career Fairs, Resume Reviews and any services offered on the Career and Academic Planning website.

After this six-month period, you will still have access to several resources. Most importantly, your Recruit-A-Duke account is yours for good! You can continue to use R.A.D. as a job-search resource as long as you’d like. Career and Academic Planning wants to be absoultely certain that JMU students find the best careers for them, so we are here to help!

Already found your dream job? We’d love to hear about it! After you’ve spent a little time there, let us know how great it is, and you might be featured as our next Alum Spotlight! If you’re interested, send an email to, and we would be happy to talk with you!

Best of luck to you all in your future endeavors, and be sure to come back and visit- JMU loves its’ alumni!

For more information on Career and Academic Planning’s resources,  check out the Alumni section of our website at

Best wishes to you always,

Kelly Gooch, Graduate Assistant
Career and Academic Planning


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