Alum Spotlight, NY Edition: Maggee Dorsey

The 3 C’s of NY Career Success
Maggee Dorsey
Event Planner at Bloomberg, L.P.


Confidence, creativity and curiosity are three important factors that allow a young professional to thrive in New York City. Maggee Dorsey, a 2010 Communication Studies graduate has continuously put these qualities to use throughout her time as an Event Planner for Bloomberg, L.P. in N.Y.C. In this role, Maggee is responsible for completing a multitude of tasks on a daily basis. The experiences and interactions she had while studying at JMU have enabled her to find success in this fast-paced field in a fast-paced city.

Growing up in Southwest Virginia, Maggee never envisioned herself working in New York City, however the encouragement she received growing up enabled her curiosity and eagerness to learn. These qualities led her to participate in the SCOM/SMAD study abroad program in London while at JMU. Maggee says, “For someone who is naturally curious, having the opportunity to learn in a big city where culture is contagious sparks fires. London was my test run. After returning to JMU, I only applied to jobs in big cities. New York just happened to stick.”

According to Maggee, Bloomberg, L.P. and JMU share some common characteristics in terms of teamwork and collaboration. Maggee explains, “Bloomberg, L.P. is a company that is ever changing, encourages creativity and is open to new ideas. I’m very aware that many companies are not like that. Most of my experiences at JMU had the same openness to information and idea sharing. Collaboration in the classroom at JMU was a wonderful introduction to working with people of all kinds and personalities”.

Maggee has learned to adapt to the fast-paced environment since joining the Bloomberg team. She says, “Event planning is not a 9-to-5. Everyday has a different schedule and challenge.  The variety is my favorite part – it’s hard to get bored. One day I’m at a CEO seminar, the next is a film premiere, just to be followed by a book launch. Planning an event requires bringing a lot of moving parts and individuals together to produce something that is efficient and effective. It’s a high paced, juggle of priorities and opinions. Communicating and managing those different elements is both challenging and frustrating. Event planning is basically a series of small problems to solve on a daily basis. Like my father says, ‘Take time to make a decision, but once you do, stick to it!’”.

As a Virginia native in N.Y.C., Maggee has noticed major differences in the culture, and has learned how to adapt to those differences. In order to thrive in “the Big City”, she suggests that prospective professionals channel their confident sides. Maggee says, “There are amazingly smart and talented people in New York. It’s easy to feel inadequate. Being confident in your abilities and knowledge is difficult but necessary. A young person in N.Y.C. should have endurance. You may be working long hours to pay those exorbitantly expensive rents, but there’s too much fun to be had in New York not to take advantage of it! Doing both takes a lot of energy…and Dunkin Donuts runs! Also, N.Y.C. has long been home to interesting, smart and friendly (despite the rumors) people. Take time out of your inevitably crazy life to talk to people and listen to their stories.”

For JMU students who will be graduating in the near future, Maggee offers some valuable advice about the job search: “Networking is more accessible than ever – make use of it! Talk/tweet/connect/friend as many people as you can in a thoughtful and strategic way. Do as the Duke Dog does: be confident, smart, and link great people! You never know who you might be connected to. Through networking, I got a phone interview that was followed by an in-person interview in N.Y.C. followed by a job offer.”

 To learn more about Bloomberg L.P., click here.


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