Take the Next Step for #MakeAList Week 2!

Take the Next Step for #MakeAList Week 2!

Today is the 2nd step for #MakeAList Week 2! Now that you have identified the positions you want, it’s time to:

Let the jobs and internships come to you!

You can do this by using Recruit-A-Duke’s Job Search agent!

This feature is easy and updates you via e-mail on job postings catered towards you!

To use the Job Search agent, start on Recruit-A-Duke (http://www.jmu.edu/cap/recruitaduke) and follow these steps:

1. Go to the Job Opportunities tab
2. Select On-Campus Recruiting and Job Postings for JMU Students
3. Click on the Advanced Search tab
4. Input your search criteria
5. Click on Search Agents tab
6. Click on Schedule and submit
7. Wait for next Job Search agent via e-mail

Visit http://www.jmu.edu/cap/makealist to learn how.
Contact us at cap@jmu.edu or @jmucap with questions!


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