Self Representation and How it Can Influence Your Future!

knowyourselfThere has been a great amount of research dedicated to how the perception of self can be linked to things like self-view, self-image, self-schema, and self-concept. These are all important components to developing a strong foundation in order to achieve great things while in school and after you graduate!

Self-representation develops through one’s experience of the world; cultural and social factors are important in who we are and what we think about ourselves.   These things can greatly influence a person’s out look on the world around them.

There is a difference between the “Me Self” and the “I Self.” I Self reflects what people see or perceive themselves doing in the physical world, whereas the Me Self is a more subjective and psychological phenomenon, referring to individuals’ reflections about themselves.  It is important that this self-reflection be well-defined in a person’s mind.  The closer the two of these perceptions are, the healthier your outlook.  It comes down to mind over matter.  If you think you cannot do something, then you are going to do poorly in that task.  If you believe in yourself, you have a much higher chance of succeeding, regardless of the task.

The rule of thumb is that for every bad thought you have of yourself, it takes at least four thoughts to undo the damage you have done to your psyche.  Have a pep talk to yourself in the mirror every morning  to help you feel more at ease and happy in your own skin.

So make sure to think good thoughts, and you can take on the world!

For more information (and a little heavy reading): lion


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