15 things to bring with you to an interview!


1. Directions.

Email the person you’re interviewing with and ask where to park, what door you should enter through, and where you should go when you enter the building. Be sure to ask if you’ll need a parking pass or for someone at the company to register you as a guest to show that you’re there for an interview. Then print out directions and put them by your purse so you won’t forget to take them with you on the big day, or plug the route into your smart phone ahead of time.

2. Money.

If you need to pay a parking garage or meter, remember to bring cash and some coins with you.

3. A professional-looking tote.

You want a bag big enough to fit everything you’re bringing comfortably, and also one that is a solid color.

4. Tide To-Go stick.

If you discover an old stain or accidentally spill something on yourself and don’t have time to change, this will be your saving grace.

5. Business cards.

If you don’t have business cards you can get them printed for free online at BusinessCardStars.com or Moo.com.

6. Gum and mints.

Just be sure to spit it out before the interview begins.

7. The phone number of your interviewer.

Or a contact person that you can notify if you end up getting lost or running into some other problem on the way to the interview.

8. Company Research

In every interview, it is imperative to know the company you are interviewing with.

9. Notebook and pens.

You never know what you might need to write down during an interview. It shows the employer that you’re thoughtful enough to care about what’s being discussed. Bring 2-3 pens in case one stops working.

10. Copies of your resume.

Most likely your employer has already seen it, but it’s important to have 4-5 copies of your resume handy in case they ask for another one or more than one person is interviewing you.

11. References.

Make sure that you’ve spoken with everyone on the list and they know they are a reference for you, so they aren’t surprised when your interviewer calls. Be prepared to bring a list of names with email and phone contact info as references, and even a personal recommendation if your employer has asked for one.

12. Portfolio.

Depending on the type of position, you may be asked to produce samples of your work. These could be published clips, artwork samples, design samples, marketing proposals, or spreadsheets you’ve worked on.

13. Cell Phone

BUT, make sure it is turned off!

14. Questions.

That part at the end of the interview where you’re asked if you have any questions is important! Asking questions shows you paid attention during the interview and also that you have an interest in the job.

15. Confidence.

Go in knowing that you are prepared and that you are the right candidate for the job, and your confidence and professional attitude will shine.


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