Get your LinkedIn Profile up to par!


LinkedIn is, far and away, the most advantageous social networking tool available to job seekers and business professionals today.

You want to use LinkedIn to your massive networking advantage? Then you need to start working strategically and mindfully. And before you even think about logging on next time—you need to digest a few basic rules of etiquette.

 1. Generic Requests are for Suckers

I’m going to assume that you use care in selecting who you’re going to invite into your LinkedIn network (you should). Why then, do you send them this note:“Debbie has indicated you are a friend?”

You absolutely must send a personalized note to every single person you’d like to connect with, telling them who you are and why you’re inviting them to connect. to introduce yourself and outline your goals and intentions.

 2. When You Ask for a Recommendation, Be Specific (and Know the Person)

Don’t squander this opportunity by sending a vague or wishy-washy request for the recommendation (and definitely don’t ask people you barely know for an endorsement).

A great request will let the person know why you’re approaching, what, specifically, you’re looking for, and for what you intend to use the recommendation.

 3. Avoid the Default Text Like the Plague

Just Don’t.  Be creative, show off your good side!

4. Stop Tying Your Tweets to Your LinkedIn Feed

LinkedIn is a professional place, let’s not muck it up with tweets to Beyonce.

5. Review Spelling and Grammar Like Your Life Depended on It

I’m continuously simultaneously entertained and horrified by the sloppy mistakesthat come my way in LinkedIn requests. You want to etsablish a great connection or score a favor, introduction, or recommendation? Spell well. Brand yourself right from the start as a smart, articulate, and precise human being.

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