How to Remedy a Bad Interview

Everyone can have a bad day – but what if it happens to land on your dream job interview day.  Try not to panic, and try some of these ideas to get back in control, and be sure to rock that next interview.

Step 1: Don’t Over Analyze

It’s perfectly normal to mentally rehash every detail of an interview immediately after that final handshake: Did you remember to smile? Did you ask a good end question? Did you really convey you expertise, or seem overbearing? Try not to do this.  It will only upset you and cause you to focus on little things that might not have had a effect.

Step 2: Determine Your Plan of Action

1. Was it a Make-or-Break Mistake?

2. Can You Recover By Sharing Additional (Concise) Info?

Step 3: Fix It Gracefully

The best – and simplest – way to approach an interview mess up is a short comment (DO NOT apologize) in your thank you note.

Step 4: Learn From It

The most valuable damage control you can perform is to learn from your mistake and prepare well for your next interview.

I know—messing up an interview sucks. But before you start over explaining yourself, realize it’s probably not as bad as you think. And, if you’re the right fit for the position, the hiring manager will know.

Make sure to practice as much as possible using JMU’s resources to avoid this whole mess in the first place!

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