What it takes: Alumna Amy Pasquarello shares her experience post-grad working at 300Brand

Amongst the quaint boutiques, restaurants, and cobble stone streets of Alexandria, VA lies the office of 300Brand. Known for being an integrated marketing agency, 300Brand serves up innovative communications solutions for their clients. With their “work hard, play hard mentality”, it’s no wonder that 300Brand seeks out universities like JMU to recruit new talent.


Amy Pasquarello, a 2012 JMU alumna, has been working at 300Brand since she graduated and has held multiple roles within the company. Originally from Beverly, MA and a double major in Spanish and Communication studies, Amy now holds the title of Senior Account Executive. In her role she is responsible for managing client advertising, marketing, and public relations accounts.

Passion, dedication, and relationship building have helped get Amy to where she is today. See our interview with Amy as she shares her perspective on the opportunities, transitioning roles, and corporate culture at 300Brand.

What was your experience starting at 300Brand including onboarding, training and mentorship?

Within the beginning months, there was a great training program to help bring me up to speed. It was such a welcoming community – I was able to reach out to anyone at the firm, and know that they would go out of their way to provide support, no matter the task.

During my first year, I worked closely with our CEO on client accounts, and was given real responsibility – from planning/executing cross-country events to playing a large role on varying client PR/marketing accounts.

I firmly believe in a “hands-on” learning experience – 300Brand encompasses this philosophy and fosters experience through action rather than observation.

Tell me more about the company culture and climate at 300Brand?

300Brand is known for its hard working, amiable people. We truly embrace a work hard, play hard culture.  We might have to put in long hours close to an event or deadline, but we make time to have fun together too at company happy hours and other fun activities (office mini golf is a standout), as well as our annual holiday and anniversary parties.

What is the biggest draw for an undergraduate student to work at 300brand?

You’ll be given real experience and exposed to a variety of projects – public relations, marketing, advertising, and event planning are all possibilities. It’s really a great place to get your feet wet.  “Busywork” does not exist here – you contribute to the success of your team from day one.

When seeking opportunities in this industry, what makes a candidate stand out?

A well-formatted, well-written resume is very important. Even more important is the email to the HR representative itself – make sure that your resume and email are typo-free and highlight your capabilities to the fullest.

Can you identify 4 factors of success within your industry?

To have a career in communications, marketing, or PR, it’s very important to be detail-oriented, organized, adaptable, and personable. These traits will help you stay on top of project deadlines and ensure program success, while maintaining a positive relationship with clients.

Looking out 3 to 5 years, beyond the obvious trends, what do you think will be the next big change in your industry?

The market changes every day. I know that right now, we’re looking for innovative ways to display marketing collateral – through interactive white papers, e-books, and motion graphic videos.  Social media has also impacted the industry immensely over the past 5 years alone – I am interested to see where Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (to name a few key players) take us.

For students seeking opportunities within 300Brand, what resources should they be consulting?

I would also suggest candidates expose themselves to our industry – we focus on Information Technology (IT), specifically in the public sector. I would recommend checking out publications such as InformationWeek, Federal Computer Week, and Government Health IT.  I think it’s important to have a good grasp of the topics we focus on prior to an interview. If interested in applying for a job at 300Brand, take the first step by browsing through our website – 300brand.com – to get a good grasp of our offerings and past client work.

To sum up Amy’s points, things are always changing so adaptability is a key factor of success. It is important that students are ready for change and stay current with trends and changes within the industry of interest.

Amy will be on campus representing 300Brand at the spring 2015 Career and Internship fair. Come out February 17th & 18th to learn more about great internship and full-time opportunities from 300Brand and over 150 other employers.


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