Land the Job!


Seven tips to help you land the job after you’ve already had the interview:

1. Put substance into your thank you email!

Show that you are thinking critically about what the business does and that you’re fired up about working there.

2. Don’t dismiss the Hand Written note.

Personal, and obviously a good pause to our emailing culture.  Just make sure it has substance.

3. Do NOT call.

Wait a couple of weeks and if you haven’t heard anything, ask politely if there’s any other information the hiring manager needs in order to make the decision – through email.

4. Don’t take silence for a no.

Many start-up businesses are overwhelmed by hiring new people.  Give them a chance to get back to you.

5. Don’t harass the company/ interviewer.

It’s fine to be eager about the status of the hire but don’t be a harassment. Use the contact moment as an opportunity to continue to sell yourself, but do not over sell.

6. Spelling!

Make sure you correctly spell everything in your thank you email/letter.  Especially the name of the contact person.

7. Swallow Your Pride

At the end of the interview, don’t be afraid to ask the hiring manager if they have any concerns about your qualifications and fit for the position.  Note what they say carefully.  Also, don’t let it ruin your spirits if it’s not exactly as positive as you would like.

By keeping these tips in mind following your interview, you’ll be successfully and professionally preparing yourself for the future– whether it is in this role or another!



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