13 Practices that will Help land the Internship!

  1. Tailor your resume
    Highlight your relevant experience with each company in mind.
  2. Learn from others.
    Pay attention to what successful people in your field are doing.
  3. Ask someone to lunch.
    Email an employee at the company you want to work for, buy them lunch, and pick their brain!
  4. Go to conferences and networking events.
    Make Connections!
  5. Look for internships up to nine months in advance.
    Many companies start looking at the beginning of the school year.
  6. Set useful goals.
    Don’t set goals that seem so out of reach that you give up on trying to reach them.
  7. Travel.
    You’ll gain new perspectives, and new experiences.
  8. Do practice interviews.
    Whether though CAP’s Practice Interview Program or Interview Stream, practice makes perfect.
  9. Take a speech class.
    Communication skills are some of the most highly desired. Luckily, JMU offers this through GenEds.
  10. Use your down time wisely.
    Read a book, practice something. AKA, stop playing CandyCrush.
  11. Create a “Brag Folder”.
    Save all the resumes, cover letters, bios, and personal statements so you have quick access to them later.
  12. Be a Fan First.
    When you want to connect with a successful person, be a fan first, build them up, share their work, then ask for a favor later
  13. Always be your own knight in shining amour.
    Don’t wait for someone to offer you thing.  Go get it yourself!

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