Five Things To Think About When Deciding Career Goals

Twenty-somethings have been endlessly reminded that the chapter of our twenties is coined the “defining decade.” Our twenties are a critical stretch of time in which we must build, modify, and fulfill our foundational goals to shape ourselves a brighter future.

With such a strong emphasis on working in our society, finding the ideal job and creating career goals unique to us becomes prevalent during our twenties. We must identify what career goals fit us as individuals, where we envision our career path leading us, and how we can realistically work toward our career goals.

Here are five ways to start:

1. Begin by having a vision.

The best place to start is by identifying what type of role you can imagine yourself working in. 

Deciphering where you see yourself being the most productive and truly thriving will help identify the job title you seek.

2. Start experimenting before you are ready to commit.

Getting a head start on establishing your career can do nothing but good for you. Starting early allows you to gain insightful perspective, develop and further your skill set, and experiment jobs in a trial and error mode. By exploring professions and skills early on you are giving yourself time to learn, grow, and take risks by trying out professions outside of your comfort zone to see where your career boundaries lie.

3. Define your values.

What is important to you? What are your engrained beliefs and morals? How do you want to be remembered? What is your legacy?

4. Know your happiness.

Is it working the 9-5 grind? Is it chasing the vertical ladder of upward mobility to become a Fortune 500 Company CEO? Or is it having a stable income while bearing a family and balancing enough time to pursue hobbies instead? Only you know your true happiness. By defining what makes you happy, you know where your career boundaries lie.

5. These things take time.

Please remember to be patient. Things do not happen overnight, especially in the manner of pushing through the grunt work to achieve that well-deserved promotion. 

The most important aspect of establishing career goals is to start making them. Write down what you want to achieve in your career to have a visual of the work life you are mapping out for yourself. These objectives can be as broad or defined as you make them.

For some, having a job they look forward to everyday is ideal, while others constantly need to be challenged. Whichever route suits you, remember to identify your career goals and follow them through. The hardest part is deciding what you want. 


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