Ways to Adjust to Your New City

So you just landed that perfect job, thanks to JMU’s career and academic planning.  You’ve moved away from everything you’ve known for the past four – or five- years.  Now what?  Here are some tips to ease yourself into it.


1. Test out your new commute.

Do it before your first day of work. Knowing the route you’ll be taking to work every day will make you feel more settled and confident about starting a new routine.

2. Look for the local shops.

Skip the mega-stores at first and venture into small boutiques, flower shops, and bookstores to get a feel for your new neighborhood’s personality.

3. Sign up for an extracurricular.

Whether it’s a running club, beach volleyball, or an improv class, choose an activity that can become a regular part of your schedule. This way you get to do something familiar and meet new people.

4. Connect with friends of friends. 

It’s easier to talk to someone you don’t know when you have something, or someone, in common.

5. Develop a routine.

It will bring you a sense of comfort.  Plus, keeping busy will help you feel settled and ease the loneliness until you find a close group of friends.

6. Explore!

Pop into a flea market, take a spontaneous ferry or train ride, or just get lost walking around. Go to a coffee shop and ask people where their favorite spots are while you’re waiting in line. Locals love to share things about their city.

7. Make your new place feel like home. 

Whether it’s by burning a candle you love, proudly displaying college memorabilia, or hanging artwork from your previous home, anything that makes you feel comfortable will help.

Take advantage of every opportunity you have to get out and explore. Remember that you may be lonely at times, but that’s the best time to challenge yourself to try new things.


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