Employer Spotlight- Merkle|RKG: A Performance Marketing Agency

Merkle JMU Group Photo

*JMU alum show their spirit at Merkle|RKG

Amber Hanson, Senior Recruiter for Merkle| RKG told CAP about her company and the amazing opportunities for growth for our students at JMU:

Founded in 2003, Merkle | RKG is a search and digital marketing agency that combines superior marketing talent with world-class capabilities to create the industry’s most effective data-driven solutions.

In 2014, Merkle|RKG was acquired by Merkle, the largest privately held performance marketing agency. Now, Merkle|RKG is part of a 3,000 person company with offices all across the country as well as in China and London. We continue to provide Search Engine Marketing services to brand name clients and are now part of a fast-growing agency that provides our employees and clients with even more opportunities to grow.

Merkle|RKG, located in Charlottesville, VA and Bend, OR, hires entry-level Paid Search analysts and SEO Specialists. We provide training and there is a lot of opportunity for career advancement into a senior analyst or team lead role.

Now that we are part of Merkle, we also have job opportunities in analytics, creative and information technology and office locations in New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago and more. Our entry-level positions are challenging and an excellent launching point into a rewarding career. Our employees work with exciting brand name clients and are encouraged to innovate and think creatively.

JMU 2015 alumna, Lauren Crain, tells us her about her experience at JMU and how it led to her current role with Merkle| RKG. Check out her perspective of the company since joining the team:

“While at JMU I was involved in Student Ambassadors, Madison Advising Peers, Orientation, Alternative Break and many marketing competitions. I enjoyed giving tours to prospective students, sharing with them all the opportunities JMU has to offer. Some of my favorite memories were made in the classroom, collaborating with my fellow peers and professors through discussions and projects. Those discussions helped me discover my passions and love for what I do today. I was able to meet some of the most encouraging and friendliest people ever, who I know are life-long friends. Like many I also enjoyed the great food, school spirit, the friendly community and hanging on the quad.

I came to Merkle|RKG after discovering my passion for internet marketing through my marketing classes. I was specifically involved in the Google Online Marketing Challenge where I gained hands on experience in AdWords and internet marketing. Merkle|RKG was one of our agency partners in the class and then I did more research into the company and decided to apply.

Merkle|RKG is an innovative company filled with some of the smartest people. I started back in June and have already learned so much from my coworkers. The learning is hands on and collaborative. I am happy to be a part of a company at the top of the search industry. I also enjoy the perks of the job, including free snacks, parking on the downtown mall, unlimited vacation days and service opportunities.”

Merkle| RKG is a fast-paced, collaborative and fun office culture (even the CEO wears jeans!) Internships for rising seniors and full-time positions for college graduates can be found on their careers page at www.merkleinc.com/careers under “College-level Internships and Careers.” They will also be at the Career & Internship Fair in the Festival Ballroom on Tuesday, September 29th in the Festival Ballroom, be sure to stop by their table to meet Amber and the team to learn more.

*JMU alum pictured-

Back row, left to right:

Brandon Lawlor, BBA Marketing, 2013

Nathan Williams, BS Chemistry with Business concentration and minor in Economics, 2011

Danielle Waller, BBA Marketing, 2012

Nathan Heatwole, BS Computer Science, 2011

Carolyn Panza, BBA Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 2014

Melissa Kniceley, BBA Marketing, BS Sports and Recreation Mgt,              2014

Liz Brittle, BBA Marketing, BA Psychology, 2009 (+ MBA from NYU in Marketing 2013)

Elaine Lichtman, BBA Marketing, 2013

Front row, left to right

Zach Scully, MBA, 2012

Rachel Schnorr, BBA Marketing, 2007

Lauren Hale, BBA Marketing, minor in Business Spanish, 2014

Samantha Carr, BBA Marketing with concentration in European Business and Minor in Political Scienc, 2015

Kaci Lassiter, BBA Marketing, minor in Humanitarian Affairs, 2014

Rachel Lam, BBA Marketing, minor in Studio Art, 2014

Larissa Cookson, BBA Marketing, 2011


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