Internship Spotlight: Stephen Clapp with Client Support for CarLotz

Stephen Clapp, senior Economics major, interned with the Client Support Team department with CarLotz this past summer. CarLotz Recruiter, Louisa Kendig, tells CAP about Stephen’s amazing performance. Check out his story and learn more about opportunities with CarLotz:

The Client Support Team at CarLotz handles a high volume of  inquiries from potential buyers and sellers. These individuals have either expressed their interest in the cars we have for sale, or interest in potentially consigning their vehicles with CarLotz. Most of the inquiries come through our website by a chat lead, email, or a direct phone call. The amount of leads increase daily and are a huge part of our everyday operations.  Stephen was responsible for reaching out to the clients by email or phone call to educate and assist the interested buyers and sellers.

Team and Stephen

Stephen and the team at CarLotz

As a coach in the CST, the goals are to educate, answer all questions, and encourage the potential guests to come into our store locations to take the car for a test drive or to bring their vehicle in for an assessment. Stephen’s vast knowledge in cars was a huge plus and really helped the team achieve their goals!

Stephen states, “Through working for CarLotz, I was given the ability to change guest’s negative perceptions of an industry standard consumer experience. Being a part of a team that is enthusiastic and passionate about creating a positive experience for everyone around them is refreshing, exciting, and rewarding. Just working with the team for the summer, there were countless opportunities to leave a lasting impact on the company whether it was through making a processes more efficient or applying technical skills. Input is always welcomed and creativity is encouraged!”

Stephens manager and Head Coach of CST expressed, “We were so excited to have Stephen join our team at CarLotz  for the summer. His passion and knowledge for the industry was a huge benefit for the productivity of our team.  As Stephen became more experienced, he took great pride in his work and quickly became one of the first volunteers to help in the stores when the need was there.  Having someone like Stephen on the team is extremely beneficial to the growth of our company and the success of our Client Support team.”

Not only was Stephen proactive in his work, and in helping his teammates, he was a delight to have around the office because of his positive attitude and strong work ethic.  Needless to say, he was a great fun and a tremendous help as a Coach Intern for the Client Support Team!

To learn more about opportunities with CarLotz, visit their website HERE.


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