From One Intern to Another: How to get the best out of your internship

Why get an internship?

Let’s be real. In the midst of our college years, we’re juggling weekly club meetings, being presmiaent in our social life, finishing that 10 page essay due next week, and catching up on our favorite Netflix series. With all that’s happening, the last thing we want to think about at the end of the day is our future; we barely know what we’re eating for dinner tomorrow. When you think about applying to internships, possibility, confusion, and questions flood your head. Where do I begin? How do I start looking? Why should I even get an internship?

Internships may seem like a scary thing—but they don’t have to be! Internships are the best and firs
t steps in thinking about your career. It’s like a small stride in the direction of where you want to go; it allows you to experience and explore the field you want to be in, or a company you would like to work for.

Internships don’t have to be something you do to get it over with. You can truly grow and learn from them. Don’t make it into a chore; make it into an amazing experience. I promise you, it’ll beat Netflix in the end. Check out this article by senior JMU student, Mia Brabham (’16), to see how you can make your internship an incredible and valuable one. Cheers to careers! Read more HERE!


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