Employer Spotlight: FedBid Forward Toward Your Brighter Future.

Over the last few years, FedBid has partnered with JMU to recruit and hire dozens of undergraduate students. JMU students show a great deal of promise at FedBid, driving them to continue to increase their efforts to interview on campus each semester. Hear from Talent Acquisition Representative, Megan Neal, and JMU alum about what it could be like to call yourself a “FedBidder”.


“FedBid is located in Tysons Corner, right off the Silver Line Metro in Northern Virginia. FedBid is the fully managed online marketplace optimizing the way governments, businesses and educational institutions buy the goods and services they need. FedBidders (what we call our FedBid employees) typically get their start in the Post-Baccalaureate Internship Program. After a week of industry training, interns are placed in the department that best fits their skill sets, and personal interest. Interns can specialize in Account Management, Market Research, Quality Assurance, Client Services, or Order Modifications.

The best news for students is that you don’t have to know how to work with the government or e-commerce to work at FedBid, we’ll teach you! We hire business and liberal arts students with the skills we need – specifically teamwork, communication, and time management. If you have a strong foundation, we will teach them the rest.

Though internships is where most of our undergraduate students get their start at FedBid, they are nothing to be afraid of. Our Post-Baccalaureate Internship is designed to build on your skills from college, and take them to the next level. Our program matching means that we will take the time to get to know FedBidders before determining their work assignment. Once assigned, we’ll pair interns with a mentor from senior leadership, to help guide them along the way. Our managers will provide frequent, structured feedback, to help keep performance and growth on the right track. At FedBid, we believe in the potential of our people. Whether a FedBidder stays with us for four months, or four years, we value the contributions of each and every team member.

Some of the perks of the program include casual dress, targeted training, free parking, mentorship from senior leaders, a variety of potential work assignments, short-term commitment with a chance for long-term growth, environment of your peers, and JMU is currently the #1 FedBid alumni base!”

Hear What some of our alumni have to say!

“The Duke Dog network spans far and wide and all alumni are willing to help their former Dukes. I got to where I was now because of the JMU Spring Career Fair and help from the Career and Academic Planning staff. FedBid is such a great place to start your professional career, there are so many talented and motivated individuals who work here and want to succeed.” – Julieann Lutrario ’13, Senior Account Manager 

“It was ultimately the affinity that Dukes have for helping each other out that led me to my current position. Through a JMU networking event, I met a wonderful alumni that scrupulously helped me build my resume and navigate the D.C. job market. I eventually was recruited by another fellow Duke who placed me at FedBid where I’ve been for almost 4 years. Any prospective FedBidder should know that FedBid is actively invested in your future success. FedBid provides a wide array of training opportunities including guest speakers, online resources, and  cross-departmental trainings that are all aimed at helping you grow professionally. … With so many Dukes in the office, it’s always a fun atmosphere where people are invested in your success.” – Andrew Sheehan ’11, Seller Relations Supervisor 

“FedBid was the perfect transition from JMU for me.  One of the many reasons I loved JMU was the positive and supportive environment that our campus embodies; with the largest alumni group at FedBid it is safe to say that carried over into my time here and has helped shaped my experience. It is always going to be a HUGE adjustment when you leave college and enter the workforce.  You’ll miss the days of spending an afternoon on the quad or even the all-nighters in Carrier.  As much as I still miss these days, FedBid has created new experiences and opportunities for me that help to fill that void.  Just like at JMU, I’ve made lasting friendships and grown significantly as person.” – Katie Grube ’13, Market Manager

“Early January, I was invited to attend the FedBid externship, an opportunity to see the company and learn a little about it. I went and afterwards I was contacted about reapplying for the internship, which I did. …I would say I got where I am now through perseverance and knowing how to take advantage of opportunities. FedBid is an exciting and lively place to work. Expectations are high, but there is a lot of support from your coworkers here. With such a young workforce, being here isn’t a massive step from being in college, as you’re surrounded by people who have generally the same interests and same experiences. As a Duke specifically, so many of my coworkers share a lot of the same memories and experiences at JMU.” – Kurtis Hagans, ’14, Accounts Receivable 

“FedBid is a great place to work and is somewhere that you feel like you can make a difference by the work you put forth. The internship in particular is competitive but it teaches you the skills needed and desired when you first enter the workplace. Everyone at FedBid is willing to help and teach you. Recruit-A-Duke sent out an email about a company who was looking to hire recent graduates for a summer internship with the possibility of full time employment afterwards. I decided to go ahead and send my resume to FedBid.” –Samantha Kempter, ’14, Human Resources Generalist

To learn more about the company and potential opportunities for you, check out FedBid’s website HERE.


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