6 Ways to Redo Your Resume

It’s easy to fall in a rut when it comes to creating and building a resume.  Make sure to keep it updated and current.

It’s not just the formatting and design that should be clean and catchy. The actual text on your resume speaks volumes, too—it’s safe to say that every component on the doc is super important!

1. Tell a story.

Your resume should tell your professional tale clearly, concisely, and in a fashion that keeps the hiring manager’s attention. “If, after reading your own resume, you are in the mood for a nap… you’ve done something wrong,” says Jill Jacinto, a Millennial career expert for WORKS.

2. Use keywords you spot in job descriptions.

“Have you ever realized that the job description is actually a map key to your resume?” Jacinto says. “It’s giving you clues in terms of words and phrases for what the hiring manager is looking for. Make sure to speak the same language and highlight the same examples they will be looking for.”

3. Cut out the unnecessary stuff.

FYI: You probably have a lot of crap on your resume that doesn’t actually add to your overall image (plus, employers will likely skip over the fluffy stuff, anyway!).

4. Categorize your resume.

The topics will vary depending on the field, but try to categorize it by the topics that are desired and sought after within your field. Be sure to list your experiences in a descending order from most relevant skill sets that the company is looking for to least relevant.”

5. Make the language more compelling.

Good writing is key to a resume that stands out.

6. Think big picture.

“High level and big-picture thinkers are typically the individuals who excel to the leadership positions, because they don’t get caught up in the details of any given situation or project. Show them in your resume how you can see the relevance between what your responsibilities are and how it benefited the company at a total level.”


For the full article, visit: http://www.levo.com/articles/career-advice/how-to-update-a-resume-in-6-ways


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