5 Skills that Will Make You Indispensable at Work

Job security is a top concern in today’s tight job market. One way to ensure your job is here to stay is to make yourself indispensable to your employer.

1. “Stick to your knitting”

David Kiger, CEO and founder of Worldwide Express, advised entrepreneurs and their startup teams to “stick to your knitting.” Focus on what you do well and build upon those competitive advantages to be the best in your industry.

2. Be customer-centric

It’s powerful when a company is able to predetermine customer needs and concerns.

3. Pay attention to detail

Employees who can get the job done without needing excessive amounts of correction are indispensable to their managers.

4. Take reliability to a new level

Outstanding reliability doesn’t just mean showing up on time. A real team-player is there when things get tough, so helping out in a pinch will show a higher level of reliability than the average employee.

5. Be a leader in industry events

Your employer will reap lots of benefits if you take the lead in industry events. The company’s name will be linked to the event, and the team back at the office will know you are serious about your career.


Making yourself indispensable to your employer of course does require that management realizes and appreciates your efforts.

For the full article, visit: http://www.levo.com/articles/career-advice/be-indispensable-at-work


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