Revamp your LinkedIn in 30 Minutes!

Chances are, you’re going to want to make a few quick updates to ensure your profile showcases you as a clear and obvious match for the type of roles you’re now eyeing.

Wait — Before You Get Started

If you’re a covert job seeker, you need to use care when making even quick changes to your LinkedIn profile. Why? Because most of us have at least a few connections who are current colleagues, clients, or bosses.  Before you get moving on your edits, make sure you turn your activity broadcasts off. This will prevent most alerts from going out to your network.

Minutes 1 Through 15: Edit (or Create) Your Summary So it Aligns With Your Target Audience

If you don’t have a LinkedIn summary at all, you need one. Some recruiters are moving so quickly through profiles that, if you fail to grab their eyeballs with a solid summary, they’re not reading further.

Most important is to spell out your strengths and experiences that align with the core deliverables of the types of jobs you’re pursuing.

Minutes 15 Through 20: Change Your Headline

You might not even know that you can alter the headline that appears under your name on your LinkedIn profile. But you can, and you should.

Before: Marketing Associate at XYZ Company

After: Marketing Associate | Content Strategist | Copywriter | I help companies build brands, engage audiences & drive revenue

Minutes 20 Through 25: Update and Rearrange Your Skills

Put the most common and vital ones near the top. Conversely, if you have any skills showcased that don’t really make sense given the role you’re now pursuing, you most certainly can delete irrelevant skills.

Minutes 25 Through 30: Spell Check and Proofread the Entire Profile

LinkedIn doesn’t make spell check a breeze, but you absolutely have to check your profile. Pristine spelling matters, a lot. I often copy and paste entire profile sections into a Word document and run spell check there.

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