Employer Spotlight: WeddingWire

WeddingWire is the nation’s leading technology company serving the $100+ billion wedding, corporate, and social events industry. Launched in 2007, WeddingWire is the largest and most trusted online marketplace connecting merchants with engaged couples and party planners. Moreover, WeddingWire’s SaaS business platform powers the front and back-office for tens of thousands of event merchants, from venues and photographers to caterers and entertainers. But what does that all mean to the JMU student? What if someone from WeddingWire told you the culture is embodied by the “work hard, play hard” mindset? Hear how Sales Recruiter, Jen Gediman, and other JMU alumni relate their experiences at JMU to their professional career at WeddingWire.


JMU alumni at the WeddingWire corporate office

“A lot of companies in this day and age like to pride themselves on their ‘work hard, play hard’ culture. Ask anyone that has worked or currently works for WeddingWire-our culture truly embodies that motto. We hire innovative, smart, driven, and FUN people because we know that people are what makes our culture great.

At JMU, there is a similar culture. Everyone knows that it’s a fun place to go to school, but what they should also know is that JMU students are innovative, smart, and driven.

JMU taught me that you should always open the door for the person behind you, whether they’re 1 ft or 20 ft away. It taught me that being kind, patient, and supportive of your fellow students was important. Here at WeddingWire, we’re collaborative, supportive, and celebrate the wins together- big and small. Naturally, when I walked into WeddingWire, I knew it was the perfect fit.”

-Jen Gediman, Sales Recruiter

Read more from JMU alumni at WeddingWire-

“There is no better place for a JMU alumni to work! WeddingWire is the perfect fit for a former JMU student mainly because the culture here is so similar to JMU’s culture. Here at WeddingWire, we are hard-working, smart, and confident in our abilities to succeed. When we do succeed, we celebrate. It’s cliche to use the motto “work hard, play hard” but anyone from JMU fits the mold!”- Paige Koziuk

“I believe so many JMU students are successful at WeddingWire because the culture at JMU is very much a work hard, play hard environment. That’s exactly how my team at WeddingWire operates too! We work together and yes the job has it’s challenges, but we sure do know how to celebrate our wins!” – Michelle Grimm

“I got my position at WeddingWire after meeting Cindy at the JMU career fair. I fell in love with the office when I had my interview and was so excited they were interested in hiring me! I definitelyrecommend current students check out all of the JMU career fairs. Whether you chat with WeddingWire or not, these are awesome opportunities to network and learn about careers you may not have known about beforehand.” – Michelle Grimm

“Applying for colleges, I didn’t have one in mind that I knew I wanted to go to. I visited a few of the campuses I applied to and the day I toured JMU, I felt at home. I knew right then it was where I wanted to be (despite being a Hokie family and formerly almost sending my deposit there). The same happened for me the day I toured and interviewed at WeddingWire. I came out of the interview telling my family and friends “I have to get that job or I am going to be so sad — it felt so right!” The friendly, hospitable culture here mirrors the culture I fell in love with at JMU. On top of that, I can’t think of a better college experience to set me up for the “WORK HARD, PLAY HARD” mentality I have! GO DUKES!”- Jenna Frantz

“Interacting with all different types of people at JMU helped me to relate to wedding vendors that I only get to interact with over the phone.”- Scott Fiore

The JMU culture creates students that thrive in a challenging and fast paced work environments where team members are rewarded with growth opportunities, relationships, and fun! To learn more about WeddingWire and future opportunities, visit their website HERE.


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