5 Ted Talks to help you talk to anyone

As a self-proclaimed introvert, speaking to strangers hasn’t always been my strong suit. I thrive on alone time and constantly find myself holding up the wall at parties, only interacting with people I’ve met before.


Here are a few ted talks to help those of us that have a hard time striking a conversation with anyone.

1. “How to Have a Good Conversation” by Celeste Headlee
Find it here.

2. “Talk to Strangers” by Danny Harris
Find it here.

3. “The Surprising Secret to Speaking With Confidence” by Caroline Goyder
Find it here.

4. “Why You Should Talk to Strangers” by  Aliya Dossa
Find it here.

5. “How to Engage in Better Small Talk” by Malcolm Azania
Find it here.


All of these can be found on YouTube, and really shed light on the science of good conversation.

Go forth, and strengthen your communication skills!

Read the full article here: ghttp://www.levo.com/articles/career-advice/ted-talks-networking



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