10 Major Do’s and Don’t at a Job Interview

Interviews are nerve wracking as is.  Make sure you are prepared with these ten tips, and you will be great!



  1. Wear the right outfit: Make a great first impression.
  2. Bring copies of your résumé: bring copies just in case your interviewer needs to look at it and doesn’t have it in front of her.
  3. Have a nice folder for your résumé: Just so your résumé doesn’t look like something a cat dragged in, keep it in pristine condition in a professional-looking folder.
  4. Have the appropriate body language: Be aware of how you’re carrying yourself during an interview, because your posture, eye contact, and relaxed position can impress your interviewer.
  5. Be on time or slightly early: Turning up five to 10 minutes early is the sweet spot for interviews. Showing up too early can make things awkward, and showing up too late is a red flag.


  1. Think the interview is over until you walk out the door:  Be polite and on top of your game when you are making casual conversation on your way out, and be nice to the receptionist.
  2. Get too relaxed: Your interviewer can seem like your long-lost BFF, but . . . she’s not. And you shouldn’t treat her like one. It’s OK to be friendly, but you’re still trying to make a good impression.
  3. Badmouth your old job: Maybe you had a boss à la Devil Wears Prada, but your hiring manager doesn’t need to know that.
  4. Be unprepared: This should be obvious, but research the company to death.This is so you can craft your answers to fit the kind of candidate they’re looking for and show that you’re diligent and have done your homework.
  5. Address salary or benefits until the interviewer does: OK, so they are very important factors for you, but hold off until you get the job offer.

Be the best interview that you can be!

Find the full article here.


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