9 Things Sucessful People NEVER say

Powerful people talk in a healthy way, combining the right blend of confidence and humility.

1. “Because we’ve always done it that way.”

They’re always pushing to take things to the next level, and they’re not afraid to rock the boat when it needs rocking, especially when it’s heading the wrong direction.

2. “To tell you the truth…”

Powerful people stick with sharing the truth at all times and in all places without adding conditions or caveats. And they’re loved for it.

3. “Not my problem.”

Powerful people like problems. They love getting challenges for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and converting them into solutions. They don’t dodge responsibility, but embrace it with statements like, “That’s on me” or “I’ll handle this.”

4. “[Insert name] is such a [insert insult].”

They focus on the positive, knowing that their influence with others is only as strong as how well they treat everyone at all times.

5. “That’s impossible.”

It’s surprising how some people say things like this as if they like the idea of killing dreams. Powerful people are willing to explore the impossible and live by the words: “I can do it.”

6. “It is what it is.”

Ever hear this one? These are the words of those who’ve surrendered themselves to circumstances and written off the possibility of changing it. Instead powerful people replace this with “What if?”

7. “I work alone.”

These are fast becoming famous last words. Everything is connected now, and powerful people get that, and they maximize their efforts by working with and through others.

8. “I’m sick of [insert complaint].”

Powerful people avoid complaining like a deadly virus. They know that it’s a waste of words, and that it robs people of power.

9. “I don’t care what they think.”

Powerful people do care what others think, because they care about others. They stay focused on how to share their story and join forces with others.


So, go forth, and be powerful!


Read the original article here:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chris-deaver/9-things-powerful-people-never-say_b_6097800.html?


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