8 Things Successful People Do Right Before Bed

The very last thing you do before bed tends to have a significant impact on your mood and energy level the next day, as it often determines how well and how much you sleep.

  1. They read.

Experts agree that reading is the very last thing most successful people do before going to sleep.

For example, some successful people use this time catch up on news stories from the day, others enjoy reading fiction novels and ancient philosophy just before bed.

  1. They make a to-do list.

Clearing the mind for a good night sleep is critical for a lot of successful people.

  1. They spend time with family.

It’s important to make some time to chat with your partner, talk to your kids, or play with your dog.

  1. They reflect on the day.

Taking a few moments to think about what went right over the course of the day can put you in a positive, grateful mood.

  1. They meditate.

Many successful people use the 10 minutes before bed to meditate. It’s a great way to relax your body and quiet your mind.

  1. They unplug and disconnect from work.

Truly successful people do anything but work right before bed. They don’t obsessively check their email, and they try not to dwell on work-related issues.

  1. They lie down on a positive note.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of replaying negative situations from the day that you wish you had handled differently. Regardless of how badly the day went, successful people typically manage to avoid that pessimistic spiral of negative self-talk because they know it will only create more stress.

  1. They picture tomorrow’s success.

Many successful people take a few minutes before bed to envision a positive outcome unfolding for the projects they’re working on.


For the full article, visit: Business Insider


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